Deutsche Bahn

The CENARIS polyester powder coating MEGAPOL® F is certified according to Deutsche Bahn standard DBS 918 340. The powder coating which meets all product requirements for the coating of components made of aluminum and steel in the technical interior and exterior as well as in the decorative interior of Deutsche Bahn.


MEGAPRIMER® EP Series 110 is an epoxy resin powder coating primer for high corrosion protection requirements. The product is very resistant to chemicals and offers superior mechanical durability. It features a large range of baking temperatures for thick-walled parts.

Ship components, steel structures, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, wind turbine accessories

MEGAPOL® F Series 140

MEGAPOL® F-MB Series 140

MEGAPOL® F-MB Series 140 is a polyester resin powder coating system for exterior use (facade quality). The product does not require classification, features superior weather stability and high opacity even on critical edges. It features good colour stability at different baking temperatures and a decorative PREMIUM metallic effect.

Metal facades, conservatories, garden furniture, steel structures, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fence systems