Cooperation partner

We are always in exchange with quality communities and individual organisations in order when we testing and developing powder coatings to get the needs and wishes of our customers. A strict quality control can offer you safe and environmentally friendly powder coatings which you will continue to benefit in the future.

Fraunhofer Institute (IFAM)

Experts are working on the mastering, review and development of new raw materials, products, mouldings and functional materials in Europe's most important and independent research facility for adhesive technology and surfaces "Fraunhofer Institute IFAM".


German Research Society for Surface Treatment (DFO)

The German Research Society for Surface Treatment (DFO) is specialised in the knowledge transfer and the damage analysis in the fields of surface technology.


GSB International

The GSB International protects the quality of the coatings of workpieces and the pre-treatment and coating materials used in this process.


GSB Logo

Quality Association Industrial Coating e.V. (QIB)

The Quality Association Industriecoating e.V. (QIB) is a voluntary association of industrial coaters, which guarantee their quality standards by complying with and specifications of documentation and regulations.