Spray paint 400 ml

Spray paint uni is a high-quality glossy and matte paint spray in all common RAL colours and is used for the repair of minor defects in paintwork.

Spray paint

Spray paint metallic 400 ml

The Spray paint metallic is a high-quality spraying paint for the repair of minor defects in paintwork and is available in shades similar to RAL 9006 and 9007 as well as similar to DB 701, 702, 703 and is suitable for the CENARIS powder coatings 140-41-9006/9066 and 9007 as well as for 140-44-0701, 0702, 0703 and for 0733.

Spray paint

Outgassing additive

The outgassing additive is a micronised, amide-modified polyethylene wax. As an additive in CENARIS MEGADUR® powder coatings, this additive prevents the coating surface from closing too quickly during the baking process.  The gases exiting a work piece are thus still able to escape.

Touch-up pen 12 ml

Solvent for powder coatings including a brush for the rectification of small imperfections.

2K-Repair-set uni-color as top coat or primer

High Solid 2-component acrylic-based paint and 2-component epoxy primer. The set contains: 150g top coat or primer and suitable hardener, plastic paint pan, paint roller, brush (optional).